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Lena Slubby Espadrille Sneakers zenkk0
Lena Slubby Espadrille Sneakers

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The Architects Of Extermination

by Kommandant

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Ken Goodey
Ken Goodey Bought this album and the other Kommandant record, 'cos they were on offer from those splendid ATMF people! I like both on first listen, but need to listen a few more times before I can comment fully, which could take time as I have a very full 'dance card' when it comes to music.
Spoon Kommandant lost in agressiveness to perform an album in a more martial mood. From the very first notes you can easily imagine yourself in a black and white war-documentary. Favorite track: Onward to Extinction.
christophe herbin
christophe herbin This album makes me think of an illustration of Alfred Kubin ( a136.idata.over-blog.com/300x230/1/21/52/82/les-dessins/kubin-la-guerre.jpg ); rough, hypnotic, inevitable and hopeless! Favorite track: Rise and Fall of Empire.
Daniel Zidar
Chaos Storm
Jan Terje
Corey Chapman
mark luntzel
Aaron Sidell
Christophe Vanderstuyft
Zar Rifai
Clint Graham
JS Wells
Butts McGee
Kyle Phillips
Yeshua Tyler
Andrew Cook/The Great Mackintosh
Elizabeth Short
nathan breon
Andrew Reindl
Johnannes booberfest
Bernhard Slenzka
Justin Collins
Void and Null
Loic Fontaine
Anders Wistrom
Aristides Rudnick
Pascal lessard
Örjan Larsson
Tyler Myers
Chris Halbert
craig guerra
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A). The stain was confined to the nucleus and had a punctate distribution characteristic of this probe ( 1 ). The DNase-treated, latently infected sections gave results similar to those given by the infected, untreated control sections. All RNase-treated, latently infected sections were negative (data not shown). Sections of ganglia from uninfected mice processed identically were completely negative for major LAT staining (Fig. 2 B), and a sense riboprobe also gave no positive neurons, although this probe did show positively staining neurons when it was applied to acutely infected ganglionic sections obtained at 5 days p.i. (data not shown). For each experimental group analyzed by in situ hybridization, a DIG-labelled probe specific for ICPO (an immediate-early gene) was applied to the sections to provide an internal control for nonspecific hybridization or staining artifacts. The number of positively staining neurons/section (± standard error) was 124 ± 2.09 for the left trigeminal ganglion and 58 ± 2.87 for the left CIII (Table Born Opal Block Heel Slide Sandals AWgeHSX

View larger version:
Fig. 2.

Detection of latently infected neurons in the trigeminal ganglia by in situ hybridization with a DIG-labelled major LAT riboprobe. Mice were killed 6 to 8 weeks p.i., and 5-μm sections of ganglia were tested as described in the text. (A) Infected, untreated control trigeminal ganglia showing punctate, nuclear staining. (B) Uninfected control trigeminal ganglia. (C) FCV-treated (days 1 to 10) trigeminal ganglia. (D) VACV-treated (days 1 to 10) trigeminal ganglia. Magnifications, ×100.

View this table:
Table 5.

Mean number of LAT-positive cells per ganglionic section from mice inoculated in the ear pinna with HSV-1 SC16 and treated with FCV or VACV

The ganglia from mice treated with VACV starting from 4 days p.i. or earlier showed reduced numbers of LAT-positive neurons (Table 5 ). For FCV there was a reduction in all treatment groups. A second experiment was carried out as described above to cover the treatment time from day 1 to day 10 p.i. These results were consistent with those of experiment 1 and confirmed the results obtained by disaggregation that even when treatment was initiated on day 1 p.i., a small number of positively staining neurons remained in all sections (Table 5 and Table 6 ; Fig. 2 C and D). Sections from ganglia treated with FCV from day 1 p.i. contained approximately 30% positive neurons compared with the number present in ganglion sections from infected, untreated control mice.


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